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There are any variety of VPN offerings you can use to assist guard your privateness and protection with an encrypted web connection, and now Google has its own. Well, technically, it already did, however only for Google Fi cellular subscribers on Android smartphones. Now, the company’s saying it’ll throw in an Android-based VPN free of cost to any 2TB Google One cloud storage subscriber in the US — and will make bigger to iOS, Windows and Mac and different international locations “in the coming months.” 

Earth is part of a solar system the place quite a few planets revolve around a star. It is the pull of the Sun that is preserving the worlds in their set orbits in a uniform manner. While such solar systems are in abundance in the Milky Way galaxy, there exist millions of rogue planets in the galaxy who do no longer have a central star to revolve around and alternatively they simply go about their own way in deep space.
Scientists have discovered about 4,000 exoplanets and a few rogue planets however a current discovering has left them surprised. Researchers have determined a world, which is comparable in size to Earth, travelling alone without any family. This should be the smallest rogue world ever detected. 

SpaceX said the delay of launching NASA astronauts was once precipitated through a comfort valve blocked via a lacquer that prompted its engines to strive igniting a few seconds too soon.
SpaceX first seen this problem in early October as it organized to launch a GPS satellite. The rocket auto aborted seconds before lift off because two engines (the rocket has nine) tried to begin early 

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