why are planets round

Why are planets rounds !

Planets are round due to a process called gravitational equilibrium. When a planet forms, it starts out as a cloud of gas and dust that is gradually pulled together by the force of gravity. As more and more matter is added, the gravitational force becomes stronger, pulling the material in towards the center of the planet.

Over time, the planet becomes more and more massive, and the force of gravity becomes stronger and stronger. This causes the material in the planet to be compressed and squeezed together. Eventually, the pressure and density become so high that the material can no longer hold its shape and starts to flow like a liquid.

As a result, the planet becomes rounded, as this is the shape that best distributes the planet's mass evenly in all directions. This shape is also known as a sphere. The force of gravity pulls everything towards the center of the sphere, resulting in a shape that is roughly symmetrical in all directions.

In summary, planets are round due to the force of gravity, which pulls material together and compresses it until it takes on a spherical shape.

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