why are planets round

Why are planets rounds !

Because of a process known as gravitational balance, planets are spherical. When a planet begins, it first exists as a cloud of gas and dust that gravitational pulls closer together over time. As more matter is added, the planet's center is being dragged in closer by a larger gravitational force.

The gravitational force on the planet increases as it gets heavier and bigger.      

This results in a compression and squeezing together of the planet's material. The substance eventually loses its ability to maintain its shape and begins to flow like a liquid when the pressure and density are high enough. The globe thus becomes spherical since this shape best distributes the planet's mass evenly throughout all directions. This form is also referred to as a sphere. Everything is drawn towards the sphere's center by gravity, giving the sphere a fairly symmetrical shape in all directions.

In conclusion, gravity's ability to draw everything together and compress it until it becomes a spherical shape is the reason planets are rounded.

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