Event Blogging Guide

What is event blogging?

India is festival king. Every month one festival come and people celebrate.Nowadays virtual greetings means we are sending wishes by email,
And lot of social marketing apps. For that every festival everyone need some new wishing content.whats is that content : SMS,Whats app Msg, greetings wallpapers,Status,GIF etc.
Examples: in Diwali festival people searches Diwali SMS,DIWALI STATUS,DIWALI GIF,DIWALI VIDEOS ETC

So before 1 month ago we need to work on that particular topic and make website with related content is called EVENT BLOGGING.

Before creating Event Blog everyone have some questions,like :

How to Earn from Event Blogging?

Really Event Blogging works?
How much earning potential in event blogger?

I am going to tell you all answers about Event Blogging keep Reading

 I want to tel you normal blogger can make  1000$in month so his next month earning also near to 1000$ or above 1000$.It means in normal blogging you can steady grow earning if he is active on is blog.

But guys in event blogging you can earn 1000$ in a day. So think how much potential in event blogging,but guys some factors are important like

- Festival is global or limited region?
-You need same domain name as same festival.
- Unique Niche.
-Your own content.

How to start event blogging?

Before start event blogging you need one already  approved Google Adsense Account.. Because  getting approval for Google AdSense on your new started Event Blog takes time so it's better to use your old approved Google Adsense Account code in your Event Blog site.

Start your work before 1 month of any festival. Write unique article on that event so it can be ranked on Google.

Guys hope you like this information about Event Blogging.If you any doubt about Event Blogging reply me.

Thanks for visit.

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