Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense Account

In the previous post I give you basic information about Google Adsense. In this post i will tell you how to make Google Adsense Account.Google advertisements on the your blog to make earn money online. This Post is very Important for those who want to make money online.

Google Adsense Account

Basic Information about Google Adsense Account.

Using Google AdSense, you can make a good money by creating your blog. Google Adsense is platform by a Google company where revenue is generated with the help of advertisements.

Anyone can make blog and apply to Google Adsense. After this Google will check your Blog perfectly and will give you Approval of Google AdSense Account.After this, you have to copy the code of ads from Google AdSense and place it on your Blog. By applying the code, ads will start showing on your website and the more Clicks and Views on these ads, the more you will get money.

You need to follow some terms and condition before applying to Google AdSense

Those who are new in blogging,They are not waiting and they want to make money very fast, that is why they apply to Google AdSense without doing hard work on your blog. Sometimes Google AdSense rejects their application. So before applying to Google AdSense keep following things are very important.

1)First you need SEO friendly Domain.

2)You need to publish fresh original content.There should be no copied articles on the website.
3) There should be 30 Quality Articles on your website.
4)About,Contact Us,Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy Pages should be created correctly.
5)500 to 1000 visitors visit the website daily
6)Your website should be user friendly means user can access everything easily.
7)Navigation of website is correct and good

If you you do this all things properly and apply to Google AdSense, then Google will never reject your application.

How to make Google Adsense Account?

Here I am explaining how to apply  
1)Search in Google "Google Adsense" and click on the website that appears at the top.
Or you can go directly to the website of Adsense directly by clicking here - Google Adsense

ere you have to click on the button of SIGN UP NOW

3)Now here you have to sign in with your Gmail ID and if you do not have a Gmail ID, then you must first create your Gmail ID by clicking on Create Account.

4)Now here you have to fill your website details

Enter your website name.

Choose the language of your website,Save and Continue

5)Now you have to fill your contact details here and note that all the details are original and correct.

Choose Your Country
Choose your time zone.
Choose your account type, if you are taking Adsense for personal use, then choose Individual and if you are a company, then choose Business.
You fill your name in Payee Name and this name should also be in your Bank Detail, Google will send money with this name.
Now fill in your address here
Enter the name of your city
Select your state
Select your area's Pin code
Fill your name in Contact Name and check the spelling of your name correctly.
Enter your phone number
How did you get to know in Adsense, you are being asked that from where you learned about Adsense, then in this you select anything option
In Email Preference, you have to select Yes among all.
Now you click on Submit my application

This is all process of creating your Google Adsense Account is over.

6)You will get a mail on the Gmail ID you applied to Google Adsense. Where you have to click on the button Get started now.

8) Now Google will give you a Page Level Ads code which you have to copy and apply on your website. Copy the code as per the picture and paste this code in your website just after the <head> tag.

9)After applying this code in your website, now Google will check your website and if your website looks good to Google Adsense, then within 4 to 5 days, Google Adsense will send you the mail of Approval.

10)When your Google Adsense Account is fully approved, then you will be notified through a mail.

Thanks for Visit.

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