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Information About Google Adsense

You can earn money on internet,if you have a website or YouTube channel. After making website or YouTube channel you need to apply for google Adsense account approval.

Google Adsense- Google Adsense is a Google platform who run advertisement service on websites and YouTube channels. Google make money from this advertisements and some part of  income will give to owner of website or YouTube channel.
Google Adsense
But practically Google AdSense approval is not easy for your website. Google AdSense policy is very strict you have follow all terms and condition.
Following are some:
1)First you need SEO friendly Domain.
2)You need to publish fresh original content.
3)About,Contact Us,Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy Pages should be created correctly.
4)Your website should be user friendly means user can access everything easily.

More About Google AdSense:

In  the world lot of people using google AdSense program and making money. Google AdSense post some ad on your websites after getting click  on that advertise Google pay us as per rule of   "Pay Per Clicks".

Some Basic Questions About Google AdSense:

When you can apply for AdSense Account?

You have to apply for Google AdSense only when your post reached above 30. These all articles should be original write by you.

What is minimum pay out?

Google minimum pay out for bank out is 100$.

How I can see my earnings?

Google calculate your earning on the 2nd of every month and this earning you can see on your dashboard.

When they deposit my earnings in my account?

Payment will be deposited on 21st and 22nd of every month.

How much I can earn ?

It depends on how much traffic on your website.

These are some basic questions for every new blogger. If you have any other questions related to Google Adsense Account please contact me.
Thanks for Visit.

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