Causes of Hair Loss And How To Prevent Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss And How To Prevent Hair Loss

Head hairs are very important for every one who want look beautiful and handsome. But nowadays lot of  people facing hair falls problem. In this article I am telling you why hair falls start,whats are the reason,how you can stop hair loss.
Hair Loss

What is the reason of hair falls?

There are three reasons:

1)Aleopecia Areata.
2)Telogen Effluvium.
3)Androgenetic Alopecia.

80% of people in the world are suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia.

First we discuss on Aleopecia Areata.

1)Aleopecia Areata-

-This is an autoimmune disease.
-In this disease our immune system mistakenly start to damage our hair scalp.
-Because of this disease on our head small circular patches of hair falls.
Hair Loss

Immune system i works like soldier for our body. It protects from harmful disease. Some time our immune system becomes weak that time some disease attack on our body. This Alopecia Areata is same like this. But don't worry you can fix this problem with help of any good dermatologist and take treatment.

2)Telogen Effluvium

Because of this reason million cases per year are sen in world.But don't worry this is temporary hair falls.When you are in stress,you have any injury,wrong ,hormonal imbalance ,pregnancy in that all time hair loss occurred and this called Telogen Effluvium.
This hair falls for specific time after recovery of body,again new hairs will comes this is called Hair Cycle.

3)Androgenetic Alopecia.

This reason is mostly seen in Male. In all world 70%-80% facing this problem with hair falls. This is also called male pattern baldness.In female M Shape rarely seen with this reason. In female you could not seen any pattern but you can observe your hairs are thin and weak.The main reason of pattern baldness is DHT which which is present in our body.

What Is DHT?

DHT means DI-Hydro-Testosterone. It is an Androgen Sex steroid which is made in our Testis. In our Testis one enzyme called 5-Alpha-Reductase and male  sex hormone Testosterone help to make DHT. DHT is most important for male sexual characters like sexual activity,armpit hairs growth and beard hair growth.
But DHT is not good for head hairs.Because of this hair fall happening.After hair fall new hairs comes its called hair cycle but sometimes new hairs are not coming after hair falls DHT is reason for that.

How Hairs getting nutrients?

-Our hair follicle base Dermal Papilla is there from there hair growth start.
-Dermal Papilla attached by hair receptor.
-From this receptor important minerals and nutrients are transferred using blood circulation because of this hair continuously grow and strong.
-But DHT is more powerful it blocks the hair receptors . Once DHT binds to receptors,nutrients are unable to get thru after this haiR falls happens.

How to prevent Hair Falls?

How to Block DHT?

Friends we need some vitamins,compounds,minerals,amino acid for strong and healthy hairs and this will get from perfect diet plan.From perfect diet plan we can get  nutrients which we need for healthy hairs. This type of nutrients block DHT so its called DHT Blocker Nutrients.

What happen when we start this type of diet which contain DHT Blocker Nutrients?

-When we start this diet  these essential Nutrients goes to hair receptors base and bind on specific location because of this DHT not bind on hair receptors base and its goes back to again blood and our hair getting essential nutrients via open receptors.

Functions Of DHT Blocker Nutrients.

1)Reduce production Of DHT.
2)Reduce production of 5-Alpha-Reductase.
3)Reduce bad cholesterol To Inhibit 5 AR.
4)Reduce production of excess Sebum.

What Amino Acids,Vitamins,Minerals,Compounds,we need for strong and healthy hairs?

1)Amino Acids- Cysteine,L-Lysine,Arginine, Methionine.
2)Vitamins- Vit-C,Vit-E,Vit- B7(Biotin).
3)Minerals-Iron, Zink, Magnesium,Copper,Selenium.
4)Compounds- EGEG, Lycopene, Flavonoids Beta-Carotene,Omega 3-Fatty Acid.

We can get this all from perfect Diet.and stay healthy hairs.
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