Ecotourism is defined by different travel modes, but it all comes with a set of common ideas. As an Eco-tourist, you will decide to travel in a way that shows respect for nature and does not have to be ruined.

Environmental conservation is part of environmental conservation and understanding what the needs of the local population are for this area so that you can help improve their quality of life. It also includes learning more about the history of other cities and preserving historical landmarks

"Ecotourism is now defined as conserving the environment,sustaining the welfare of the local people and responsible for the local economy and education "

Earth was formed billions year ago.The Earth gives us resources to build our homes. There are  many things mother earth gives us to appreciate. We should never take it for granted. Travel is the best way to explore the magic of our world. Travelling is the best way to experience culture. However,damage and waste occur because of the inappropriate behaviors of travelers. Ecotourism educates peopled to sustain,appreciate, love our environment.

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Here are Three tips to honor our Ecotourism.
1)Remove your trash anywhere you go.
2)Respect local traditions and Etiquette.
3)Follow designated trails.
4)Do not disturb animal plants and Natural Habitat.

We have only one Earth. Everyone needs to be responsible as a traveler. Other wise we wont have clean beaches, to enjoy,we wont have beautiful landscapes to admire,we wont have Traditional Culture to Experience.

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Benefits of Ecotourism.

1)Help to protect sensitive Environment.
2)Reduce Environmental impact on the Earth.
3)Help to income for local communities.
4)Awaken us to the beauty of our Earth Conclusion.

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Let us relax and unwind from our hectic lives.increase our desire to live in Harmony with Earth. Allow us to commune with nature. Encourage us to learn about other Culture.

"Go Travel,Do Ecotourism"

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