Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex Review.

Amazon Echo flex a complete all-new plugin smart speaker plus Alexa by Amazon. My personal opinion this little device is fantastic if you are into home automation.
Amazon Echo Flex
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Starting with the size of speaker which we have an echo flex is very smaller than echo dot. So the sound quality will be compromised but my main purpose home automation and a little speaker to tell me yes okay and all good simple is that. When I'm asked whether it just give me a weather notification not a great sound.

I can still connect this echo flex with the Bluetooth speaker as well as on auxiliary port to another speaker if I want to. While I suppose I gave you enough information and my call for buying this echo flex.

Amazon Echo Flex
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 Now let's have a look what comes with this Amazon Echo flex and its features. 
Starting with the USB port so you can charge your mobile phone or you can have a nightlight.
As well one 3.5 mm audio output if you would like to connect non Bluetooth supporting devices just to play them as a speaker.You can also have a Bluetooth connectivity. As well as a far-field voice control microphones. As well as a manual microphone mute on and off.


What is included in the package? 

So here we have everything which come with the echo flex starting with the user manual explaining to you what to do and what things are in. Echo flex which is pretty much straight and a simple design and to be honest with you is going to suit all the decor of your house. As well where to start with on Echo flex you have a power plug.

Amazon Echo Flex
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You can see the front face Amazon Echo Flex far-field microphones, in the middle status indicator light which is Alexa blue, standard action and a mute button in the front, as well as a little speaker down below. As I mentioned in the features it also come with the USB a port which is capable to deliver 7 watt of output kind of okay for charging your mobile phone or plugging in third party night lights or PE our sensor. 

Amazon Echo flex also cover the 3.5 mm auxiliary output if you would like to connect this echo flex with your non Bluetooth reporting devices or your home entertainment system.

How Start and Setup Echo Flex?

Power up echo flex first time and open up Alexa app it can also be installed from Google Play Store. As well as from if you already have Amazon Alexa app fully configured on your mobile phone and working in your home network you don't need to do anything. Your echo flex will be already in your available devices if you click on to the all devices here you should be able to locate you or echo flex which is already connected now if you would like to reconnect it it's very easy and straightforward. As well but press and hold this action button for a little longer you're going to see this in status indicator light changing to orange color. Once you've done it you need to add the device as simple as that. Now this flex is up and running straight away out of the box with your Alexa application.

Amazon Echo Flex
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My opinion amazon have put a lot of effort into the echo flex design and they really created a great product come with the USB output of 7.5 watt which is enough to charge your mobile phone too it will not be a fast charge but something is better than nothing when your power socket is used.

Price of  Amazon Echo Flex?

Want to well the current price at the moment for this Amazon flex is about  £ 19.99 in UK s about $24.99 in US, Rs.2999 in India.

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Amazon Echo Flex Amazon Echo Flex Reviewed by ABHINAY on January 07, 2020 Rating: 5

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