Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms

In the initial stage, the symptoms of Diabetes are -
1)Frequent urination.
2)Tiredness always
3)Body aches.
4) Blurred vision,
5)Excessive hunger.


But people are unable to identify the symptoms of diabetes and ignore it. But you know disease of Diabetes does not happen in a day, it has been growing inside you for years and it is known when the problem starts to increase.

Diabetes is spreading rapidly among people due to today's irregular lifestyle. In the past, the disease used to be only after the age of 40, but nowadays sugar can be very young.

Diabetes cannot be eradicated from the root, it can only be controlled. If catering and routine care is taken, sugar patients can also lead a normal and long life, but if they are not avoided the sugar it keeps growing, it can shorten your life by 15 years.

Why Its Called Silent Killer?

Diabetes is also known as Silent Killer.Sugar slowly reduces your body's resistance. If you have an injury to your body, it is also difficult to heal. Your kidneys, liver, and heart rate gradually decrease. In this way, the sugar slowly takes the patient to death, hence it is called the silent killer.

Why Its Called  called Mother of all diseases.

Once a Diabetes disease occurs, many other minor diseases can be born inside the patient. The blood pressure of the sugar patient is not under control, the risk of developing a heart attack is also high. Because of this diabetes is also called the mother of all diseases. 

Symptoms of Diabetes

Tell you the symptoms of diabetes so that you can take care of yourself and identify diabetes in time -

Frequent urination - Sugar Patients often have urinary problems and especially if you have to go higher than three times a night, check your sugar levels as it is an early sign of diabetes.

Excessive appetite - The sugar patient does not digest food properly and therefore energy cannot reach the body and when energy does not reach the body, the body asks for food again. This way, the patient becomes hungry again without eating. And the result is that energy does not reach the body, but obesity increases.

Laziness and sleepiness - The patient is constantly sleeping.Even after sleeping all night. The patient is not interested in any work and does not feel like going out. Always want to relax.

Staying tired - It is normal for you to get tired when you work hard, but if you continue to feel tired without doing anything, that is a sign of diabetes. The reason for fatigue is that the energy you consume doesn't reach the body.

Very thirsty - The diabetes patient has to urinate frequently and thus his body is dehydrated. This makes the patient thirsty again and again.

Late healing of wounds - As we have already stated, a patient's immunity in diabetes decreases, and if there is an injury, it takes a long time for the wound to heal, and sometimes if the sugar is high, the wounds do not recover.

Blurred in the eyes - things start to look bleak for a diabetes patient. The eyes constantly weaken, if you start to look blurry, check your sugar level once.

How to check for sugar ?

If you see any of the symptoms from above, then get your blood sugar checked immediately. There are some tests to check Diabetes-

1)Fasting - This test is to be done on an empty stomach i.e. drink in the morning without eating anything. This shows how much sugar is normally in your blood. If fasting is more than 110, then you have Diabetes.

2)PP (Postprandial Test) - This test is done after one and a half to two hours after eating. This shows how much sugar you have after eating food. If PP readings are more than 140, then you have Diabetes.

3)HbA1c- When sugar patients go to the doctor for medication and counseling, the doctor asks for HbA1c test because your last 3 months of sugar records are seen in HbA1c. If HbA1c is more than 6.5, then understand that you have diabetes.

Hope so you like this article, in this article we told you about the initial symptoms of Diabetes and the test of sugar. 
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