Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha Unveiled.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha Unveiled Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha, a two-in-one laptop, and the model will be released in the market soon. Many companies are presenting their upcoming products before CES, the Consumer Electronic Show in downtown Las Vegas. To this end, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha model. 

Galaxy Book Flex Alpha
Image Source: Samsung

Galaxy Book Flex α
Image Source: Samsung

It can be used in both laptops and tablets. Of course, this model is of the type Two-in-One. It comes with a 5.5 inch size and full HD capacity and a QLED display. It features Intel's tenth generation Core Ice Lake processor. It will be available with 2 GB and 4 GB RAM as well as 2 and 4 GB storage variants. A separate stylus pen has also been made available with the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex model. With this, anyone can draw on the display. 

Galaxy Book Flex α
Image Source: Samsung

The company claims that it has a quality battery with fast charging technology and can provide up to seven and a half hours of backup after charging. It also features fingerprint scanner. It also has an HD camera for video calling.

 I think it's time to take Samsung more seriously as a maker of laptops the company is unveiling two new notebooks called the galaxy book flex and the galaxy book ion. I've seen so far these devices I am pretty impressed the galaxy book flex is a two-in-one which means it's got a 360 degree hinge that you can use to unfold the laptop turn into a tablet. When you want the galaxy book ion meanwhile it's a slightly lower end laptop.

My favorite of the two of these is the Flex it's a bit more of a premium device it feels slightly heavier than the galaxy book ion. Both devices they'll come with a Q LED screen available in 13 and 15 inch configurations and both running at full HD. Based on what I've seen so far these screens are gorgeous they're vibrant they're colorful and they're crisp even at that full HD resolution and the best thing about Q LED the Q stands for quantum dot by the way is that they're very good at getting up to super-bright levels while still maintaining or preserving your battery. When I looked at the galaxy book flex next to a notebooks nine from last year there was a pronounced difference in their brightness. 

I mentioned before is the energy savings and Samsung is estimating you'll get a full day's use out of these and a number that I heard was about 20 hours of battery life that is on par with the always connected pcs of seen using Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip says so it is an impressive number I haven't seen an Intel machine promised these numbers yet so we have to see speaking of Intel these guys come packing the latest 10th generation Intel Core chip sets the ones that we saw had I 7 chips and but the base level ones will have the i5 ones well you mentioned before the galaxy book flex is a convertible so you can unfold it all the way and so it becomes a tablet.

 Now one more special feature here is that the galaxy book flex which has a touchscreen comes with an S Pen on board so you can just press the little slot on the edge of the computer to pop out the stylus and then start writing on the screen. This if you were working on your workbook when you unfold the galaxy book flex the nice thing is that the keyboard and the track pad disengaged so the system is not responding to your accidental presses or clicks or swipes on them the experience with the s-pen here is similar to what you get on one of Samsung's Galaxy Note phones which also have yes been included now this is the same stylus is a thin one not the thicker bigger pen that you get on a galaxy tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex
Image Source:Samsung
When you slide the S Pen out of the galaxy book flex an on-screen menu appears and then you can use it to do a quick screenshot or write a quick note this is a very similar experience to that on the note phones also. Similar to Samsung's latest phone is a feature called wireless power share now on the phones you can use this to charge up your Galaxy earbuds or your galaxy watch and you're using a Qi compatible platform here to enable the power transfer on the laptop.

You can do this too on the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha  and galaxy book ion you can place your compatible device on top of the track pad and it will start charging by drawing power from the laptop. 

 I honestly wish there was a little bit more here I can't complain too much though these two devices are really thin and really light so.I see why Samsung had to kind of sacrifice the key travel here the good thing is the buttons are all very nicely spaced there are no undersized keys nothing was too far out of reach and I could type relatively quickly and accurately on these.

 There's also a fingerprint sensor on the keyboard deck which is an strange placement for a fingerprint sensor but hey is there for convenient logins and authentication when you need it so despite being super thin devices. These two offer a pretty nice array of ports the galaxy book flex has two Thunderbolt three ports one USB C and a micro SD card reader on board. 

While the ion has one Thunderbolt 3 2 USB ace and an HDMI and that micro SD card slot so that is plenty the port offering is the same across both the 13 inch and 15 inch models. 

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