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Samsung Neon "First Artificial Human"

Neon first "Artificial Human" introduced by Samsung backed Star Labs. This is newest entry in Artificial Intelligence. Star Labs demoed six Neon Avatar at CES 2020. Neon can converse,sympathies,like real human being.Samsung is making an artificial human called Neon. Pranav Mistry who's a computer scientist and inventor. Who's also the President and CEO of Samsung STAR Labs was sharing frequent teasers of Neon over the last few weeks stressing that it's an artificial human.

Samsung Neon Info Corners
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Today Pranav Mistry tweeted out revealing what exactly the Neon is signifying that Neon is going to be Samsung's boldest product ever. Pranav tweeted that the code is working, It can now autonomously create new expressions, new movements, new dialog, completely different from the originally captured data.

Samsung Neon Info Corners
So basically Neon is a realistic human avatar or a realistic digital human which is cool and revolutionary.

Samsung Neon Info Corners

These people that you are seeing in the Image right now are not real humans they are computer-generated footage, a realistic digital human you might say and they do look extremely like real humans. In fact, it's impossible to say that they are computer-generated. This is what Neon is, this program can create new expressions, a new movement, new dialogue and most importantly it can do it independent of the originally captured data.

Neon runs on proprietary technology platform Core R3. R3 stands for Reality, Realtime and Responsiveness. Core R3 could be the software engine that will generate the graphics and artificial intelligence for neon.

Samsung Neon Info Corners

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