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Apple's Vision Pro

Apple's Vision Pro headset is scheduled to launch in February 2024.

pic credit: @appltrack

Designed as a mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro displays both augmented reality content overlaid on the real world and entirely immersive virtual content. The device features a distinctive design resembling ski goggles, with a laminated glass front merging into an aluminum alloy frame. A fitted Light Seal magnetically attaches to block out light, and two Audio Straps with built-in speakers provide Spatial Audio, connecting to a 3D knitted headband for comfort and stability.

After the release of the Apple Watch in 2015, the firm has not released a product category that it has not previously entered before with the highly anticipated augmented and virtual reality headset, Apple Vision Pro.  Unveiled at WWDC 2023 with a planned launch in early 2024, the headset is referred to as a "spatial computer" for its ability to seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world.

The headset employs eye tracking, hand gestures, and voice commands for control, eliminating the need for external controllers. It incorporates over a dozen cameras and sensors to map the user's surroundings, with Optic ID using iris scanning for authentication, similar to Face ID and Touch ID.

Inside the frame, two micro-OLED displays deliver over 4K resolution to each eye, totaling 23 million pixels. The Apple Vision Pro uses two Apple silicon chips, including the M2 chip for visionOS execution and graphics and a new R1 chip for processing input from cameras, sensors, and microphones.

The device can capture 3D photos and videos using a built-in camera, powered by tapping on the top button. Due to weight constraints, it is powered by a braided cable connected to a battery pack worn at the hip or plugged into an adapter, providing a two-hour battery life on a single charge.

Content is displayed in the space around the user, allowing for the positioning of apps and windows in mid-air. The vision OS operating system has a dedicated App Store with apps designed specifically for the headset and is capable of running iPhone and iPad apps. The device offers an immersive experience for entertainment, collaboration, and gaming, supporting Apple Arcade with 100 iPad games at launch.

Priced starting at $3,499, the Apple Vision Pro is set to launch in early 2024, initially available in the United States both online and in stores. The device brings a new level of innovation, providing users with a spatial computing experience that combines augmented and virtual reality in a sleek and advanced headset.